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.:.mah crew.:.
sam all time best friend too all of u guys that think that u have the best friend in the world u cant cuz i do !
nikki craziest gurl i have evr met and def. one of the greatest friends evr!! too many crazi times wit that gurl
ashley is soo funny and sweet i dunno wat i would do without my one n only BB !
these are my main gurls ..i love evryone else too btu these gurls have been there for me no matta wat!! n i appreciate evrything they do for me n they kno i am here for then no matta what the cost may b...i <<33 yall w/ all mah heart xoxo..lulas

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Mar 25, 2005
*LuNcH bOx RuLeS*


      WOW i have such a hard time updating this thing lol atleast i could do it like once a month i swear. sooo lets see whats new with me oh yeh i kno my classes for next year:

 -English 4 Honors
 -Spanish 4
 -AP World History
 -Chemisrty Honors
 -AP Calculus
                           *im coming in for AM arrival ( i dont come in until 3rd period)

      i am soo excited that i get to sleep in next year especially since i moved like a million miles away so now i dont have to get up and leave as early SCORE!

 my mom got us new aprons for the lunch box and me and sam decorated them today lol we are such dorks and tomoro since we arent opening for easter we are all going to wear these bunny ears that we got from CVS its gonna be great .. you should stop in and see us and our tight bunny ears, oh yeh and we are glueing cotton balls to our butts lol i cant wait. well thats all i have for now until next time homie...

                                                              <3 always natz

Posted at 04:16 pm by babigurlnatz
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Mar 3, 2005
*In ScHoOl*

heyyy guys... im sittin here in MAP and we just got our interims wow i got two C's can we say.. natalie's in big trouble lol o well cuz my english one will go up as soon as i give my perfect speech haha yeh right but it should go up but yeh i am really bored in map right now so i decided to go in here since i havent in a while.. things have been crazy especially wit my 'rents cuz they are driving me crazy last night they kept me up till 130 so i am pretty tired today if yall havent noticed lol but umm school is gettin on my nerves i am findin myself not very motivated here lately to go to school.. well bell is gonna ring so i will ttyl buh bye...

                                                                       luv always,

 luv to mah gurls our pictures are so cute awh!!

Posted at 05:49 am by babigurlnatz
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Feb 17, 2005
*SaMe 'ol CrAp*

          So0o0o Blown............ haha jk
       so kids how have things been with u ? things are juss peachy with me! school is going alot better this quarter and i think i will actually not get yelled at this quarter so that is good. except for Mr Gilligan's class because lord only knows if it is really trig that that man is teachin us i mean dont get me wrong he is tight as i dunno what ut he is CONFUSING me like woah. i hope Calc isnt like Trig. cuz im scared if it is... n e ways soo today i decided that me n warren are going to be pretend twins juss to let u guys know that we are now related! how exciting. Valentine's Day went really good because i got something from:

 Mom: a note n a dozen pink roses
 Dad: a big red monkey with a card
 James: a Teddy Bear that my chamber choir was selling lol
 Kari: a singing monkey with kool sunglasses that sings "wild thing" lol
 Nikki: a piece of her candy that sum1 had given her
 Michael: an invisible hug lol
 David: a lolipop that sumone gave him
 Sarah: a piece of candy that i stole out of her bag

 but i styll didnt get that one person that i want but thats because he doesnt kno that i want him lol not that i prolly would get him if i told him n e ways... so sam's bday passed she is an old woman now lol sike shes only 17 but styll and she got a freakin really expensive tiffanys necklace that brat. now im the only person of the fabulous four that doesnt have one.. makes me sad actually i am like the  only gurl in lackey that doesnt have one. step is going alot better lately me n carlos dont get along half the time but after w fight evrytime we always talk about it and we are like best friends five minutes after wards so by the end of this year we should prolly be down to like 100 fights a day instead of like 1000 haha but yeh soo things have been pretty good for me ..

 .............................2  B  CONTINUED.........duh... duh... duh.............

                   im such a dork but u kno u gotta love me

i love all mah gurl u kno who u are
                                                                               much <3,

Posted at 02:15 pm by babigurlnatz
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Dec 10, 2004

soo umm the past few days have been g to the izAy and yeh... step was gay yesterday cuz carlos is gettin on evryone's nerves and umm oh yeah im gonna have a blower interim so its gonna make me have a bad birthday cuz all ima be thinkin bout is mah grades cuz thats juss how i am all stressed about school juss like evry other year and i promise myself evry year that i wont let myself get stressed and each year it seems like i get evn more stressed out the following year but oh well who cares so as u can tell i juss had a gay week except for monday and tuesday i had fun and i had a good attitude. tuesday i spent my whole half day with charlie and raymond and we had alot of fun but after tuesday it was juss gay and plus i got to see RJ so that made my tuesday good lol he is the onlii boy i kno that can pull of overalls.. so um mah b day is in 12 days and i DO accept $$ thanks lol well yeh imma go cuz we have a swim meet in the mornin and i have to go take a shower so ill ttyl holla

 i luv mah gurlz
Sb Am Cn Nh Kc Mv Ce
   luhyoo                                                                     .x.BaBiGuRl.x.

Posted at 07:22 pm by babigurlnatz
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Dec 1, 2004
*MaH uPdAtE*

 WOW i havent wrote in here in months.. things in my life have definately changed..

 * i see sum people differently
 * i barely even talk to one of my closest guy friends
 * this summer i had the most awesome guy friend and for a really gay reason i lost him
 * sum of my girl friends have changed .. they have gained a little in a certain department in life
 * i have had sum bad attempts of a relationship and i have discovered a FAG
 * me n sam's friendship has gone through alot and is even stronger than b4
 * Megan and Kari are one of the best people in my life
 * my blood pressure is styll a problem (not as big tho)
 * i am looking into things with a positive attitude instead of always thinking negative
 * i have lost a friendship or any relationship with my father
 * i get my braces off in 4 months
 * i am graduating with the class of '06
 * i am on the step team
 * i have realized alot about my dads family that i wish i didnt
 * Ashley has become my lifesaver lol ( had  to mention that one )

 well now u can see all the crap that has happened in juss a few months but that goes to show u how fast people and their lives can change.. i am goin to start updating alot more btu i have to go do my homework now ttyl ...

                                                                   <3 always BabIguRl

Posted at 03:28 pm by babigurlnatz
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Aug 19, 2004

i have decided that life is just not fair to some.....

   my aunt is in the hospital AGAIN for like the 30th time for her heart i swear god is just not good to her. i mean yes he has blessed her with 3 beautiful children, but he has also blessed her to pay for all of them by herself i mean she is the sweetest person u will evr meet and tries to do evrything in the world for EVRYONE and she has had to go through cancer, and now she has a heart condition, and she has a thyroid problem like her sexy niece(that would b me lol) and juss all this other crap. i just wish that she could go a year or two .. thats all im askin for.. without being rushed to the hospital or have any family issues that she has to handle by herself. the day of her daughters graduation party she had to be taken away in an ambulance because of her heart. omg i juss feel so bad for her. why do these things have to happen to people? why cant everyone just be healthy and live a normal life? well im gettin upset so im goin to change the subject....

My Brother's Hizouse

soo last night it was stormin and i was home alone and i knew dat charlie had ppl over so i went to his house so i wouldnt be alone and yeh charlie was there wit dianne raymond josh and RJ and his gf omg RJ is sexy lol but n e ways thats beside the point so we were all juss chillen there and josh n raymond wanted me to rub their heads to put them asleep cuz they didnt feel good cuz they had hangovers from the night b4 so i definately didnt feel sorry for them and i wouldnt do it but i ended up doin it for raymond n e ways cuz hes juss so cute and i cant b mean to him lol and then we were all chillen in the living room and talkin bout how josh cant tell jokes right so we made him tell one and sure enough he screwed it up lol but its ok we all luv him n e ways but yeh then me n ray chilled and we all went in the puter room and chilled then we talked to mommy for a while awhh man she had a few in her and she was crackin us up .. then we went in charlies room cuz CC didnt ant us to watch him eat lol and then i went home and talked to matt and eddie and thats bout it

L-H-S .. YES! lmao

ok so we had try outs and yeh evryone except for Frannia made what they wanted to but thats okay cuz well she will live lol.. but yeh so during try outs ppl were like being serious and they were like ok at the end we are gonna say LHS YES lol and me n megan bout pissed ourselves laughin and we styll laugh at them like 3 days later lol o lord ppl are funny these days but yeh so today was the first day of camp and we learned a dance... built.. and jumped.. routine.. stunt again.. dance again.. routine again how much fun lol no but rilly it was quite fun i thought me n ashley fortune were gonna die of frustration because me n her always get stuck wit ppl who dont kno what they are doin like last year we had lil becka who didnt know how to fly but we taught her but at that time it was frustraiting and this time we got stuck with this freshman who has nevr based b4 HOW WONDERFUL and u kno we were kool with it at first we were like iight we can teach her, time goes on and she doesnt listen to anything that ne one tells her so finally me n bri juss fixed her mistakes for her lol we like pushed her and she finally did it right so yeh by the end of the day we had full libs go JV!! no but forreal at the end of the day we all did juss come together and this year evryone better watch out cuz lackey is comin thru in all sports evn soccer had cuts and they should b pretty good soo yeh lackey has alot goin for them that they didnt last year.. but yeh  i have talked enuff today soo ta ta for now ...

                                                                     .x.  Babigurl  .x.      

Posted at 05:24 pm by babigurlnatz
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Aug 16, 2004
*FeEl LiKe TaLkIn*

 TODAY was the 1st day of cheerleading try outs which took about 4 1/2 hours ... how fun but yeh i am so proud of myself cuz i ran the whole time that we had to without stopping GO ME!! lol but that was prolly cuz i didnt talk to no one like i usually do , okay well i did talk but it was only for like 2 minutes. after that we learned everything all over again that i already learned at conditioning. then we built and tumbled.. ahaha u should of seen me n like 3 other gurls trying to do a round-off o lord it was sum funny stuff i really hate the fact that ms sager makes me take out my belly ring!! makes me sad but yeh then i talked to this gurl's mom and she wants me to coach for skyhawks and i really really really want to but my mom thinks it will be too much on me once skool starts but i rilly think that i can handle it ugh but w.e so my mom picked me n bri up and then we went to subway and saw like the whole team in there lol and then we went to lunch box while my mom rung out and then we took bri home and i came home and went right to sleep lol boy was i tired and then my cousin's wife called and woke me up she wnated to know if i was styll goin with her next week to see what type of baby she is going to have i am so excited about her having a baby u juss dont kno. and then i ate sum chips and my dad went to get us chinese food and i went outside to practice tumbling again lol LORD it was embarassin.. n my mom said my toe touch was good and i was like boy if u only knew all the ppl who looks better than mine lol but all in all my day sucked cuz me n sam arent talkin cuz ugh she pissed me off soo bad well i am not goin to put it in here why cuz im not puttin her business out there but she really hurt me n my mom's feelings and i dunno i juss dont think that its right and its gonna take me a while to get over what she did but yeh so i had to be around her and have to think about it for like 5 hours today it was soo gay but yeh so tomoro is the actual try out and i have to be there at 12 i dont wanna be on varsity this year and i dont wanna be on it next year either cuz our new JV coach is soo awesome i cant wait to be on her team it gonna b rilly tiight but i dunno cuz i wannah be on the same team as megan and sam n jolisa and leslie and all them and they wanna be on varsity but sam n megan want the JV coach so i dunno i dont even kno if sam n megan will make it cuz there are so many seniors but i know that jolisa and leslie will cuz ms sager thinks that they are like the best bases ever lol but i dunno man cuz all of the freshman are gonna be on jv cuz there are only 6 of them and that isnt enough to have a freshman squad but i dunno cuz we only had 10 last year and all the freshman had to be on freshman so maybe they will have to same rule this year but  i dunno cuz they arent bad that i kno of.. we can work our magic on them if they are, but yeh its kinda late and i am goin to practice a lil more and take a shower and get ready for tomoro so i will ttyl holla at cha gurl.... i luhyoo <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

miss mah gurl
megan kari and ashley i luv u gurls

T G and the FABULOUS QuAtRo PEacE

       SAGER POWER!!
         sp sp sp sp
  *clap, slap, SAGERS!!* lmao
     only at my house lol
                                                                        <3 ur babigurl <3

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Aug 15, 2004
*i LoVe MaH cReW*

Lately i have noticed how lucky i am to have such great friends and to have such good friendships with ALL of them.. i think i noticed this cuz i have been with atleast one of them like evryday for about a month lol well yehh i would juss like to share this interesting conversation that i am havin with kari at this moment

babigurlnatz: so what are u doin today?
KareBear51289: uhh nothin
babigurlnatz: wow sounds like my day
KareBear51289: yep
KareBear51289: we both juss hav such interesting lives
babigurlnatz: i kno
babigurlnatz: we should b on opera
babigurlnatz: oprah *lol
KareBear51289: we should start our own show
babigurlnatz: yeh
KareBear51289: lol
babigurlnatz: called .. the interesting lives of blondes
KareBear51289: oh yes
babigurlnatz: lol lets do it!!
KareBear51289: it's gonna b kinda hard w/o us being together
KareBear51289: lol
babigurlnatz: lol well
KareBear51289: and no video camers
KareBear51289: *camera
babigurlnatz: when skool starts and we are together evryday.. we can have an episode evry two days in the mornin
KareBear51289: oh yes
KareBear51289: it will b marylands #1 hit blonde station
babigurlnatz: lmao
babigurlnatz: yupp yupp
KareBear51289: i should go ova ur house
KareBear51289: or u should come ova here
babigurlnatz: how u gonna get here?
KareBear51289: when my parents get back
KareBear51289: they will drive
KareBear51289: me
babigurlnatz: sounds good to me
KareBear51289: but i'm still in my pjs
KareBear51289: lol
babigurlnatz: lol same here
babigurlnatz: duh u should kno me better than that lol
KareBear51289: yea my parents said that they'lll figure it out when they get home
babigurlnatz: kk
KareBear51289: they went to the grocery store
babigurlnatz: iight
babigurlnatz: yummy bring me sumthin to eat when u come lol
KareBear51289: wut do u want?
babigurlnatz: lol im jp
KareBear51289: ohh i thoung u were seriious
babigurlnatz: lol
babigurlnatz: u would of brought me sum food too wouldnt u ?
KareBear51289: umm ithink so
KareBear51289: wut u juss said was confusing
babigurlnatz: lmao
babigurlnatz: u would of brought me food if i was serious wouldnt u ?
KareBear51289: yea
KareBear51289: that's y i asked wut u wanted
babigurlnatz: lol
babigurlnatz: see we would make a great tv show!1
KareBear51289: oh yes
KareBear51289: i juss had the biggest sneez ever!
KareBear51289: it was soo loud
KareBear51289: really if i was at the other end of the house i would hav heard me sneez
KareBear51289: lol
babigurlnatz: LMAO
babigurlnatz: omg gurl u are funny
babigurlnatz: member when megan was like omg i am funny!!
KareBear51289: omg i am soo bored
KareBear51289: yea!!!
babigurlnatz: lol she is goofy
KareBear51289: lmao!
KareBear51289: she cracks me up
babigurlnatz: i kno

well that is like not evn half but i dont feel like makin u read my convo .. it would take u like all day lol well yeh i havent rilly talked in here for like 2 months but i dont feel like tellin u evry details of those months lol here is the break down ... i met a guy named eddie .. went to oc met a whole rack of guys wit sam.. went to VA had a bunch of fun with mah cousins and their friends (shawn, ryan, the baseball players,chris and the other kid lol) n e ways .. what else did i do?? oh yeh i went to Kyle's and Warren's baseball game and i learned how to water skii and i went parasailing in OC.. omg that was soo awesome.. and then for the past like few weeks i have been chillen wit sam megan and kari and ashley which has been prolly the best part of my vacation.. well yeh now that u are all cought up im goin to go now ...

i love mah gurls TG and the FABULOUS FOUR lmao.. good times

                                                                <3 babigurl

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Jul 7, 2004
*Me N aSh'S 4tH wEeKeNd*

soo i didnt feel like typing it so i stole ashleys out of her blog and we summed it all up in a convo full of ISJ's....we had so much fun i love my BB.. wish Sam was there i miss her (tear tear).....

so we recapped our weekend for you:

x LilAngeL869 x: g!
babigurlnatz: g!
x LilAngeL869 x: whats up
babigurlnatz: makes me sad! ... who does that?
x LilAngeL869 x: lol!
x LilAngeL869 x: I gotta fart
babigurlnatz: lol
x LilAngeL869 x: skinny and bobo
babigurlnatz: pot heads
x LilAngeL869 x: run away from the firework on the pier
babigurlnatz: beaver in the rocks
x LilAngeL869 x: balancing on the banana boat with ur lil feet
babigurlnatz: our really bad tans that tend to stop at a certain point
x LilAngeL869 x: putting the wrong kind of gas in the jetski
babigurlnatz: almost going and sitting next to the couple with their dog
babigurlnatz: come back
Auto response from x LilAngeL869 x: brb
x LilAngeL869 x: k mmy turn
babigurlnatz: lol k
x LilAngeL869 x: stayin up til 2:30 almost makin it to four
babigurlnatz: jackin the jet ski up under the pier
x LilAngeL869 x: almost gettin raped by the smoking guy in the car
babigurlnatz: raymond look alike in the back seat staring
x LilAngeL869 x: me baiting my own hook the "manly" way
babigurlnatz: kid askin his dad should he get in the water like 100000 times
x LilAngeL869 x: ur dad's scratched back
babigurlnatz: EW.... all of my lovely story sharing
x LilAngeL869 x: whos hair would you rather cut!
babigurlnatz: captain hair
x LilAngeL869 x: no mor rogaine
babigurlnatz: calling warren.. so hows angie?
x LilAngeL869 x: calling matt and then josh.."o0o the fones still on"
babigurlnatz: walkin around the giant circle 6 times hoping to get noticed other than by the rapist
x LilAngeL869 x: almost gettin hit with the firework
babigurlnatz: thinkin the pot heads went into the boat lol
x LilAngeL869 x: riding on the skateboard in biglots
babigurlnatz: riding the big noodle and stickin the plungers to the floor
x LilAngeL869 x: riding in the back of the car
babigurlnatz: nasty cappuccino at 711
x LilAngeL869 x: almost takin the empty cup with me from711
babigurlnatz: FuNnY sUnDaY
x LilAngeL869 x: chris not gettin the hint to give ur dad the rope
babigurlnatz: that is me me and chris no its not 5 minutes later who pops out of the truck... me me and chris
x LilAngeL869 x: askin skinny n bobo where they live and havin them shut u down
babigurlnatz: givin me the rong address
x LilAngeL869 x: sleepon past ten
babigurlnatz: whose line is it anyway evry night
x LilAngeL869 x: burning urself with the firework
babigurlnatz: who invented the finger?
x LilAngeL869 x: "shoulda got the sams club one"
babigurlnatz: ring ring ring.. hi this is your neighbor and um ur jet skii is all up under the pier
x LilAngeL869 x: ur dads gay..the fat ppl n him.
babigurlnatz: once he hits puberty he will b ready 2 go
x LilAngeL869 x: give mom the DUH tattoo
babigurlnatz: HAHAHAH u juss put diesel in ur jet skii didnt u ??
x LilAngeL869 x: "i'm sinking!!!!!!!!!"
babigurlnatz: boys laying on the lawn.. shoulda yelled at them when we passed
x LilAngeL869 x: now they call tito BOOBOO
babigurlnatz: lookin like stalkers goin real slow by ppls house in the car late at night
x LilAngeL869 x: sit across from me
babigurlnatz: NACHOS
x LilAngeL869 x: sabe! or is it sabe.
babigurlnatz: SOBE
x LilAngeL869 x: the crab spider
babigurlnatz: the WHO WOULD U RATHER questions
x LilAngeL869 x: ok one more for each of us then im out
x LilAngeL869 x: hmm
x LilAngeL869 x: watching fireworks in a car about one foot away from a huge ditch
babigurlnatz: hmm..who broke me 4 wheeler

so then I got off and a few more popped into my head: -i need deodarant- -big lou- -dad almost killing us trying to save a possum- -Roy Roy Roy Roy- -the spider on you on the jetski- -dad making a sandwhich at 1:15 then asking us why we were up- -trying to go see a baseball game but there were none-
-what if someone got bored while they were shaving..- -is coke made by pepsi- -beef jerky- -we bought chicken and eggs to- -longest back massage I ever gave- -
 AHAHAHA good times good times i had soo much fun!!

               sam n natz bffl
               ash n natz bb's fo lyfe
                                                            <3 da one nd onlii

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Jul 6, 2004
*KaRi'S pArT dOs*

soo yeah where were we??? oh yeah the next day so we wake up and kari tells carlos he can come on over and then he said he was bringin rusty so we were like w.e and so they came over for a lil bit and we juss chilled watched TV and played on the go-kart ..well rusty did lol and im so proud of myself i was a GOOD GIRL promise hehe but yeh they left and my mom came to get me n kari and we chilled at my house and we went swimmin and waited for carlos to come over then we all went swimmin blah blah blah then they both left and umm i dont member what i did lol o yeah then she came over the next day around 3ish and we made fish sticks and tater tots lol only us and we were bored so we decided to go to charlie's house and we watched a movie and chilled over there for a lil bit and then we came home and went to the movie store and pizza hut and we found a hot guy lol which i always do when im with her now that i think bout it hmm WeIrD lol and then she spent the night after we watched movies and sam bunn came ovr n the mornin then us three went to lunch box wit my mommy and then we came home then went to walmart and OMG it was sooo funny we were bra shopping and sam found the biggest ugliest bra and asked the lay if she could try it on and then asked the lady if she thought it was a lil big lmao it was great lol and then we went to the mall to get thongz lol and food and we were all lookin ruff xcept kari shes lookin all cute and of course me n sam see evryone we know lol and then we came home and kari had to go and me n sam went swimmin and then my dad took us to go go-kartin and carlos and his boys was gonna meet us up there but the place was closed and it was too late to make any other plans and i wanted travis to come over but yeah he couldnt and now i wont see him for a month cuz hes in FL workin ugh makes me sad!! im out this piece!! holla

sam n natz bffl
ash n natz bbs fo lyfe
kari and natz lol juss friends foreva

                                                                      <3 dis sexi lil hunni :.]NaTz[.:

Posted at 04:00 pm by babigurlnatz
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